Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pics (Movies & TV shows) and Pans (Food) - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hi there, and welcome to my blog!

If you like movies, TV, dining out, eating in, or just reading about them, you're in the right spot. I may also add a word or two about a favorite book, article, CD, song, product, service, ad, "spot" or anything else that strikes my fancy.
If something doesn't live up to my expectations, I may jabber on about that as well. Hopefully, somewhere along the way, something I've said or told you about will make your day go a little better. Anyway, that's the plan.

So let's start out with movies - Holiday movies in particular. I'm going to try and stay away from the obvious favorites, as (1) they're generally not mine, and (2) you're here to get some new ideas, which, in this case, are actually old ideas - or movies, that you may have somehow missed.

Today's movie is called "Christmas In Connecticut." I'm talking about the origional 1945 classic with Barbara Stanwyck. I love this movie. It's funny, warm and simply pefect. No hard-to-follow plot. No over-the-top anything.
The only thing anyone might rally against it is that there is a brief scene early-on where a fur coat is involved. If you can get past that, you'll be fine.

In short, Stanwyck is amazing. The supporting cast is perfectly cast. The sets are absolutely teriffic and the black and white cinematography is first rate.

If you're a fan of old movies, you know who Sidney Greenstreet and S.Z. Sakall are - if only by their famous faces. And Dennis Morgan is highly watchable as Stanwyck's love interest.

So what's it all about, Alfie? Well, there's this columist, see. Her name is Elizabeth Lane, and she works out of her modest apartment, writing a home-and-hearth-type column in a ladies magazine published by Mr. Greenstreet. Her columns are filled with mouth-watering recipes and tales of her happy family- including her new baby. Trouble is, Liz doesn't know how to cook worth a lick. And she's single to boot. That's right- no husband. No baby. No cozy farm house- no nothing. She gets her recipes from her Uncle Felix, who owns a restaurant just around the corner. And while you would think that her publisher would be aware of such things - he isn't. Until, one day, when...

Well, to tell you more would spoil it all. Let's just say that fun and romance are on the menu. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Til the next time...

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  1. good for you for taking the plunge Jaine, I love Barbara Stanwyck. She was one of the wonderful strong women of that era.